Beta Chapter | La Unidad Latina, Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity, Inc.

On May 3, 1986, the Beta Chapter of La Unidad Latina, Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity, Inc. was established at the State University of New York at Binghamton.

The Bold Beta Chapter was founded by:

Georges Blemur
Edward Angel Collazo
Ramón Franco
Vanina Gonzalez
Moises Hinostroza
Angel Lantigua
Carol Lasso
Miguel Mercedes
Luis Molina
Adriano Navalo
Francisco Nunez
Juan Carlos Ospina

These Hermanos and Hermanas felt a need for an organization that would address the desires and concerns of Latinos within the university and the community.  Since its establishment at Binghamton, La Unidad Latina has served as a forefront in addressing issues and consciousness about our Latino culture to all.  It has served to inspire pride amongst all Hermanos, Latinos in the university, as well as within the Binghamton community.  La Unidad Latina believes in teaching others, specifically the children of our next generation, what it is to be a Latino/a.  We understand that in order for us to progress we must know where we are, where we are going, and most importantly, we must know where we came from.  This notion strongly anchors La Unidad Latina to strive for the preservation of our raíses culturales.


The Beta Chapter introduced a new concept to the Hermandad four years after its establishment at Cornell University in 1982.  The interest group proposed to the Hermanos at Alpha Chapter the idea of expansion to Binghamton University.  The decision of expanding made La Unidad Latina what it is today, and although both chapters shared the same goals, the Beta Chapter differed in that two women, Carol Lasso and Vanina Gonzalez pledged and became Hermanas de La Fraternidad.  Four years of solitude at Cornell, marked in stones our goals, our mission and most importantly, our vision.  This vision gave Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity its strength in LA UNIDAD, which was passed down to the Beta Chapter, and later, to our future chapters.

Once established as the first Latino fraternity and one of the few minority organizations at Binghamton University; it was left with the task of opening doors, breaking barriers and trends through a concept of a Latino fraternity that was not highly accepted nor encouraged by many.  At the time, scores did not want Latinos/as to organize and unite themselves for the sake of learning, teaching, preserving their culture, and setting an identity of their own.  Throughout time, Latinos/as were encouraged to choose between “Black” and/or “White” organizations.  This, for the most part, encouraged assimilation and unfortunately, caused some of them to lose a great part of their raíses culturales.  Since its inception, the Beta Chapter has assumed the responsibility in bringing to Binghamton a great part of El Sabor Latino.

La Unidad Latina, Lambda Upsilon Lambda Fraternity, Incorporated was in search to further define itself.  It was voted by Cornell and Binghamton Hermanos to define its membership.  Without any doubt, with this new idea was left the dilemma of excluding the two women founders who had already pledged in 1986.  This is when the idea of forming a sorority to unite our Latin sisters came about.  The time was not right for the Beta Chapter to split, and an extension was granted by Cornell to the Hermanos and Hermanas to decide their path.

During that time the Beta Chapter held an informational meeting which attracted about forty interested individuals.  Out of these forty, only two strong leaders became Hermanos de La Fraternidad, the Beta Line: Hermano Rodolfo Blackman and Hermano Angel Luis Miro, que descanse en paz.  These two Hermanos worked hard to continue the legacy of Los Fundadores.

Dark Times

In the Fall of 1987, six Hermanos/as became the Gamma Line.

A year after establishing the chapter, most of the founding Hermanos graduated.  The remaining Hermanos worked arduously throughout but soon thereafter, the Beta Chapter lost Hermano Angel Luis Miro.  He was a great leader and a great inspiration.  His death left a gap in the soul of the Beta Chapter which has been very difficult to replace or overcome.  His devotion to community service, dedication to academic achievement, and love for those he met serves as a symbol that guides every Hermano who pledges this Chapter.

After being a strong organization in number of members, the chapter was left with one Hermano. Rodolpho Blackman.  His character and qualities gave the Beta Chapter life during Los Años Oscuros.  His involvement in the Student Association, Off Campus College, Latin American Student Union, Radio Patria (Latino Radio at Binghamton), E.O.P., and others were notable.  He was also able to organize the 3rd Annual Convention at Binghamton on his own.  Thanks to him, the chapter is still alive.  Although the chapter was in need of new members, permission was never granted for certain individuals to pledge La Fraternidad.


Un Nuevo Amanecer became the Delta Line.  They went on a journey that gave the Beta Chapter a new beginning, a new life, and a sense of hope for all Latinos in Binghamton.  The campus was enthusiastic about these Latinos setting an example.  As a result, others began to admire their decision of becoming catalysts for Latino Pride.  This pride gives Latinos the level of self-esteem that we all need to succeed without forgetting our roots. This was the base of Perseverancia; Epsilon Line.  With these qualities and many others, the chapter became a unified source in teaching our roots through cultural expressions.

Hermanos are involved and have become leaders in other campus organizations such as: Finance Committee, Career Development Center, Black Student Union, JUMP Nation, and others.  They also helped in the founding of The Black and Latino Greek Council, which later became the National Pan-Hellenic Council, and in 1994, they were at the forefront and encouraged that The Latino Greek Council be established to address the interests and concerns of Latino Greek Lettered Organizations.

The Beta Chapter will always live up to its promises to serve everyone through community service, specifically those who are in need; it will work hard to unite all; with this in mind, the first Annual Noche Dorada was celebrated at Binghamton University on October 30, 1993.  Noche Dorada/Golden Night is a formal banquet which includes music, dance, poetry, slide show, food, and brief speeches and it is now celebrated throughout most of our national chapters.  Acknowledgment must be given to the Hermanos of the Beta Chapter for this establishment, which has now become a tradition of the Latino Spirit and La Unidad Latina.  The Beta chapter will also dedicate its mission to instill in all Latinos/as and other cultures the importance of obtaining an education and encouraging them to continue to challenge themselves.  It will strive to motivate everyone to achieve high levels of academic achievement; it will commit itself to help students get accustomed to this new way of life in the university; and most important, it will continue to use the sense of familia within La Unidad Latina to enhance our lives through moral and social support.

Working together gives this Hermandad its strength and therefore making it feasible for us to attain our goals.  Without this unity, our purpose will be defeated and we will become insignificant. Subsequent lines of Hermanos have contributed and worked hard to continue the legacy and live up to our ever climbing standards.  La Unidad Latina serves to unite all professional males that are willing to share and contribute to the Latino identity and the preservation of La Cultura Latina.

His passion and love for the Beta Chapter has made Hermano Apasionado, Eric Arguello a leader to the following generation and strong foundation from which to continue the never-ending push forward.  His commitment has helped this chapter transition and stabilized itself for grander impact on the Binghamton community and the fraternity as a whole. The steady growth throughout the years after can be attributed to the examples set forth by him.

The Present and Beyond

The Beta Chapter truly strives to be unified and remain true to our motto: La Unidad Para Siempre. Much after graduation; Hermanos return to visit and stay abreast as to the activity at the Chapter. Being many miles away does not limit the involvement or love we all have for our family.  Continued advancements in recognition of Latino and underserved community issues are strengths and the dedication to the future of our Chapter remains strong.  The Bold Beta Chapter has been a key contributor in the overall growth of La Fraternidad, especially within the Western New York Region, from the early years of the inception of La Fraternidad to more recently with our expansion to SUNY Oswego and SUNY Cortland Colleges.

Our familia of La Unidad Latina will live forever, and Para Siempre we will remember all of the special times we shared among ourselves, with each other’s families, friends of the Beta Chapter, as well as professors and administrators who gave us support.  The Beta Chapter will like to thank all those whose support encouraged every one of us to continue to strive in improving our lives and those of others.

To conclude, we must say that the Bold Beta Chapter’s history is full of traditions that will mark the way the chapter will be seen forever.  These traditions have been established through many efforts and its history must be loved and never be altered.  Hopefully these traditions will influence Latinos/as to become active socially, culturally, and politically in our communities.

A nuestro pueblo le decimos que la lucha continúa!

 Remember always that: El hombre que se levanta es aún más grande que el que no ha caído.

La Unidad Para Siempre!
From the Beta Chapter
La Unidad Latina
Lambda Upsilon Lambda
Fraternity, Incorporated.